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Long haired white with chocolate spots..

This is very painful for me but I wanted to share this with all my friends across the world. Little Cassidy is no longer with us. On February 17th, 2004 while our grandson was visiting with us, I had to go out so I had a sitter/friend at my home. They knew that when they let Cass out to potty, to stand at the door until she finished & then she would run right back in. Well, after letting her out, my grandson (8 mos old) started to cry. The sitter turned to go to him & sorta forgot about Cass for about 5 mins. She heard a horrible sound; my brother, who lives below me on our mountain owns a jack russell. The dog ran through the woods, came into our yard & grabbed Cass. Before anything could be done, my Cassidy's neck was broken.  The sitter called me to rush home but would not tell me what had happened. When I arrived home, she was standing in my kitchen with a towel. I just took my little Cass & fell to my knees begging God to bring her back to me. But He decided he wanted Cass to have her wings, so now she is sitting at His feet instead of being in my arms.

This is the first time I have been able to share this with you. Please don't ever take your eyes off your baby when they go outside. Anything can happen at the blink of an eye.

I miss you terribly my little Cass, I love you & will be with you again someday. Mommie

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