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01-22-2005 -- I AM SO PROUD!!!


Here are some of my grandchi's. They live all over the country, but still love grandma!

 I am so proud of how they have turned out!! They are beautiful!!                         

Gee,  I have the best looking family!!

Thank you moms & dads for sharing & staying in touch.

Both of these pics are of Gala..(named after the apple, I might add).

Gala lives in Atlanta with Kim & Randy

This is Sasha(left)..She lives with Tinker(right), Donna & Stuart in Canada..

Chula lives with Evi in Atlanta....This was taken while on a beach vacation.....Isn't she adorable??!!

This is Theo. He lives with the Balin family. Look at the resemblance to Jasper in the next picture. Apparently this mold did not get broken!!!



Marty in the snow....Brrrrrrrr!

Kelsey & Rylee in Vermont

Gala all grown up..she is a Luca daughter

Olivia..all 1 pound of her!

Princess Rosita

Mr. Sonny...Canadian Champion!!!!

Spencer...he lives in Canada with Sonny & is going in the show ring this Spring..

This is Lily (previously Charlotte). She lives in Acworth Georgia with A'Lana & family.

Zaq is loved by Terri & Stacey L'Hoste in Atlanta, Ga.

Dave & Shirley came to visit us all the way from California! They brought their two gorgeous ChiMountian boys to visit grandma.

& while here for their visit, just had to get a third ChiMountain baby! This time a girl..   They are addictive!!!


The king at Monica's home in Ontario!!

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