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Not only is the Chihuahua the smallest breed of dog in the world, it's the ONLY    "natural" toy breed. That means that the Chihuahua is naturally small and unlike toy poodles and other small dogs, it hasn't been purposefully bred to be a smaller version of a larger breed. MY MOTTO....LET'S KEEP IT REAL!! CHIHUAHUAS ARE THE REAL THING BABY!!


 THE DARK SIDE OF LIGHTING UP:   Second Hand Smoke Claims Canine Lives!!

One more reason to toss out that last pack and quit smoking: your dog's health. Research shows that second-hand cigarette smoke-already shown to harm humans-may hurt dogs, too. Two studies led by John S. Reif, DVM, professor of environmental health at Colorado State University, show that dogs living with smokers are more likely to develop cancer than those that live in a smoke-free environment. A 1992 study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology reports that dogs in the smoking households had a 60 percent greater risk of developing lung cancer than those who lived in smoke-free homes. Another of Reif's studies, published in the same journal in 1998, shows that long-nosed dogs, such as Collies and Irish Wolfhounds, were twice as likely to get nasal cancer if they lived with smokers. Reif speculates that carcinogens in cigarette smoke get trapped in the canine nasal passages, increasing the risk of nasal cancer. The risk increases for dogs with short or medium sized noses, such as Pugs and Poodles. The message is clear, according to Reif. "People shold stop smoking for their own health, and for their family's health", he says. "And for their dog".

Article from DogFancy June 2004 & written by free-lance writer, Beth Finke


A Faithful Friend

A faithful dog will play with you and laugh with you, or cry...

He'll gladly serve to stay with you for every reason why.

And when you're feeling out of sorts, somehow he'll understand.

He'll watch you with his shining eyes, and try to lick your hand.

His blind, implicit faith in you, is matched by his great love...

The kind that all of us should have, in our Master up above.

When everything is said and done, I guess this isn't odd...

That when you spell "Dog" backwards, you'll get the name of God.

Author unknown



The backyard breeder is the single greatest cause of pet overpopulation. Backyard breeders usually do not have bad intentions, but the result can be devastating. The majority of dogs in rescue groups or destroyed in shelters come from this group. Sometimes backyard breeders will breed their dogs so their children can experience the "miracle of birth", or they mistakenly believe "every dog should have one litter". They may think their dog is so cute, he or she would make wonderful puppies. They may have a few dogs or many, purebred or mixed. They frequently end up with too many dogs to care for properly.

Backyard breeders usually allow animals to breed regardless of their quality. They are not interested in improving the breed and are generally ignorant of the breed standard and genetics. In fact, failure to test and or search for inheritable health problems is the number one mark of a backyard breeder. They do not have the knowledge to properly raise a healthy, socialized litter or to help the new owner with any problems that may arise. Backyard breeders sell puppies for a much lower price than experienced, ethical breeders because of mass production. Getting a dog from a backyard breeder is a gamble.

Not surprisingly, many people think that just because they have "papers" on their dog, that means their dog is breed material. All papers mean is that the dog's parents were registered, and nothing more. It does not mean quality, nor guarantee the health or the temperment of the animal. They honestly believe that because they sell or give away all the pups, they do not contribute in any way to the needless slaughter of millions of dogs per year.

By purchasing an animal from a backyard breeder you are encouraging the breeding of more animals. If you are ready to add a companion animal to your household, and have your heart set on a particular breed, do your homework. Research and check out the breeder thoroughly.

Good breeders strive for quality, not quantity!



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