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Our Extended Family
Meet Our Puppies and the Families Who Love Them!

He is or friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful & true to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.


Connie with Amazing Grace...Miss Gracie is loved very much. She is a daughter to Tuff.


Ricky with Georgia Miller in Savannah 


Cher all grown in Canada with Champion brother Sonny!! Thanks for loving her           Candace & Dave!!

Chloe with her new mom, Emily in Wisconsin


The Denham's with Cocoa a.k.a SugarBaby

Thanks to the Hennessey Family for making such a loving home for our Magic...aka HOSS

Nancy Hart with #2 from ChiMountain!! Little Rita is now living with her big sister, Miss Chica in Columbia, SC.






This is Snickers...He is the Prince at Mary Walkers(no relation..hehe) house. Thanks Mary for loving my little boy.

Dave Beattie with Sonny & Cher..

They now live in Canada with Dave & Candace.

UPDATE: Sonny is a CHAMPION!!!! 

Little Rosita with her new family, the Fry's..

She lives in Niceville, Florida where everyone is nice...

UPDATE: Rosie has moved with her family to Ohio...Thanks for staying in touch Shellie!

Gala lives with Kim & Randy. They adore her!

TaLacey loves her "Focus"!!
He is living in the sunny land of Pensacola, Florida.

Lexie is very "pretty in pink"! Her new mom Lee loves her very much. Lexie even has her very  own bedroom!!

Miss Itty Bitty's new mom thinks she is the cutest!

Brooke & Craig with Miss Olivia Grace
They live in Richmond, Virginia

UPDATE: Well, to date Miss Olivia has reached the 1 lb marker at 4 months..What a milestone for her!!! & mom & dad too!!

Evi with Madison...Madison is going to live with Chula in Atlanta, Ga.

Lorri & John with Casper (aka Pinto Bean). He is going to live in sunny Florida.

Lily is being spoiled rotten by A'Lana & family in Acworth, Ga.  Congratulations A'Lana!!

Courtney with Jackson..

Jackson all grown up

Milo with the Gramekers

Zaquary L'Hoste with Terri & Stacey...

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