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I would first like to say that this is my opinion only. Thank you for taking the time to read it.

I have been raising dogs for a very long time. Many, many years ago, I raised champion labrador retrievers. I only registered through the AKC (American Kennel Club). I do admit that it was easier to deal with the AKC then but today, I still only register through the AKC. Let me tell you why.

The AKC has been around longer than any registry. Although they are more expensive for the breeder & sometimes very difficult, they are thorough. New registries are popping up left & right. It is relatively easy to get a dog registered with some of these new registries. That is one reason the AKC is now REQUIRING DNA testing on any male used more than 3 times for stud. This assures the genetics; and if there is ever a question about parentage of your puppy, the AKC can determine this by its DNA because if both parents are registered with AKC, they will have the DNA of the sire (if the sire has been used more than 3 times).

I am not knocking any of the other registries. I just personnally feel that if a registry like AKC has been around as long as it has, they are doing something right.

I have visited alot of web sites & have found numerous articles on anti-AKC. I question this. They state they don't agree with the DNA testing & comment on mistakes that the AKC has made with the DNA. Well, the AKC people are just like us; they can make a mistake. I worked in the health care profession for 19 years & saw laboratory mistakes made all the time. We are all human. Humans are not error proof. When a mistake is made by the AKC, they admit it & redo the test at no additional charge to the breeder. All it takes is a phone call. It is that simple. I understand that is is frustrating & time consuming but this is life. I feel that if a breeder TRULY knows who sired a litter of puppies, it should not be a problem to have DNA testing done. I am all for it!

AKC does annual inspections of my home, office and chi-house. My AKC inspector states that she wishes every breeder/kennel that she visits was nice as mine. This makes me proud! My dogs deserve the best & I try to accommodate. :) I pass inspections with flying colors and YES...I am bragging!

I have the option to dual register & or triple register ALL my dogs. If this is important to one of my adoptive parents, I will be happy to do it for them. It does not make the dog more valuable but some people like it. That is ok too. First and foremost, my dogs & puppies are registered with the AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB.

AKC, keep up the good work.

Thank you for reading this. I just felt I needed to say this. Again, it is my opinion only & some will agree & others will disagree. That is what makes America great!! We can speak our mind!!

Have a great day, week & life!!

Puppy hugs & kisses,


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