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That face!! Those big dark eyes looking up at you with that sweet expression! It’s no surprise that Shih Tzu owners have been so delighted with this little ‘lion dog’ for 1000 years. Where Shih Tzu’s go, giggles & mischief follow. Shih Tzu (sheet-su), typically weigh between 7 & 15 lbs & stand 8-11″. They are surprisingly solid for dogs their size. The coat, which comes in many colors, is worth the time you will put into your research. Few dogs are as beautiful as a well groomed Shih-Tzu. Being cute is a way of life for this lively charmer. The Shih-Tzu is known to be specifically affectionate with children. as a small dog bred to spend most of their day inside, they make a great pet if you live in an apartment or lack a big backyard. A shih-Tzu’s idea of fun is sitting in your lap acting adorable as you try to watch TV. Shih Tzu’s do require regular grooming so make sure whomever you purchase one from goes through the specifics. I am a groomer. I give very detail instructions.

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