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Gabrielle is such a loving little dog. She has a sweet and rather demure look to her, but she is all cuddles and licks. Gabrielle is one of the Moms to our glorious home-raised Shih-Tzu puppies.

Update: Sadly we lost Gabby during a c-section on Dec. 7th,  2023. Our hearts are broken & she will forever be in our hearts. I was able to hand raise one of her babies, a little boy. He is named in honor of his mom. Gabrielle will be staying here with me forever.

Please, please, please think hard & do alot of research if you decide to breed your beloved pet just to be “having one of her puppies to keep’ or ‘letting your child experience birth’. I’ve been raising toy breeds since 1999 & bad things can happen. Ask yourself if you’re willing to take the chance on losing your pet.

Gabrielle – Female Shih-Tzu Dog

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